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Edutech Inc. Designs Networks, Camera System, Wireless Networks, Access Control and Telephone Systems. Our Plumbing division specializes in Commercial and Residential Plumbing

  • Structured Networks
  • Wireless Networks
  • Camera Systems
  • Access Control
  • Telephone Systems
  • Computer Hardware/Software
  • Commercial and Residential Plumbing

Network Cabling Design

Edutech‘s Structured Cabling Division offers complete service and installation on Cat 5E, Cat 6, Coaxial Copper Cabling and Single & Multi-mode Fiber Optic cabling. We have resources available to provide Complete Outside Plant cabling installations and services. We have 6 Voice & Data Technicians on our full time staff along with 1 RCDDs support.. Our partnerships with manufacturers allow us to offer Extended Warranties ranging from 10 to 25 years pending on product. Our experience, professionalism, and competitive pricing have allowed us to be successful and build a respected reputation in this industry.

Data Centers

Data centers are an integral part of today’s IT-driven organizations. With the growing dependency on data traffic you need to expect the best possible performance from one of the most critical spaces in your facility. Network Design can help take the complexity out of planning and designing data center build-outs. Edutech will help organize and manage your cable infrastructure, pathways and Server room requirements.

Wireless Network Design

The first phases of implementing a proper and successful wireless network starts with performing a wireless spectrum analysis, a detailed wireless site survey and calculating the path profile. With the data collected and calculated from phase one comes the second phase, putting together a properly engineered and designed network. During this phase of implementation the appropriate wireless backhaul hardware components are chosen and the network is engineered to meet the standards of reliability, bandwidth, and performance needed. This is also where the wireless design dictates how the wireless backhaul network should be installed and performs once implemented. Wireless backhaul networks that will perform up to the manufactures’ standards throughout the years must be engineered and designed according to the manufactures’ recommendations and system requirements. Too often this step is missed and not performed. Implementing a point to point wireless, point to multipoint wireless or wireless mesh network is not as simple of pointing antennas at each other. 90% of all customer support calls that the major manufactures receive during a wireless installation are not the result of faulty hardware issues, but from improperly engineered, designed, and installed systems. Edutech will work with our customers and manufactures to design and install a trouble free wireless network.

Telephone System Design

Telephone systems are the “front door” to every business or school. Edutech specializes in creating a smart design of your business or school telephone system that is tailored to the way you do business. Your telecommunication services are crucial to the success through the wise use of technology. There are several factors that go into every buying decision such as functionality, service, price and growth. Often there is a pending event such as relocation or expansion. There may be little remaining useful life to the existing equipment or a “hot” feature such as voice mail, automated attendant or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) requires the search for a better alternative. It has been our experience telephone systems are upgraded every 5 to 7 years. For a successful and expanding business this time parameter may be shorter. Contact us today to schedule a free analysis meeting so that we can discuss the best phone system for your company or school.

Access Control Design

Whether a system is distributed or centralized, Edutech will provide systems designs and implementations that address the evolving security needs of our clients while providing maximum access for legitimate users of the system. Authentication policies are determined and inherent in each design and the entire system is selected to best serve these issues. We establish authorization hierarchies based on each client’s business requirements. All components of access control systems are reviewed in regard to their ability to deliver maximum value. We conduct thorough situational reviews to evaluate our clients’ true needs by looking at the following criteria: asset definition, threat assessments, vulnerability analyses, selection of countermeasures, implementation of the system, and on-going test and refinement of the design.

CCTV System Design

CCTV cameras have become mandatory for almost all schools, school buses and businesses. Be it a small office, school bus or school, CCTV systems are required for additional security. They are first and foremost for security purposes ,and protection against thefts and detecting problems in your school or on your bus. Now that you know why you need CCTV camera system for your location, your next step should be to know the right kind of CCTV’s you will require. Do not blindly follow commercials to purchase a system as each and every person has a different need. Planning for a proper system is of utmost importance.

Computing Solutions for Every Business, Industry, or School

EduTech and Equus offers a wide range of build-to-order, ready-to-ship computing solutions to provide your clients with the tools they need to get the job done.  Cloud & Virtualization- Deliver flexible, powerful, and networked solutions that are built for the future and are without the dependencies of traditional hardware.  Database Management- Solutions that are designed to meet the needs of growing businesses and have infrastructure designs that are easy to implement, optimize, and manage.  Storage Flexible, easily managed, and long-life storage solutions meet the capacity demands of any small or medium business.  Small & Medium Business Solutions- Solutions are aligned with the SMB values of easy manageability, reliability, and a low cost, and are designed for local resources and platform scalability.  Personal Computing Boost business performance with powerful, affordable, ready-to-ship or build-to-order desktops, notebooks, and tablets.  Data Center & Remote Office- Powerful, efficient, dense, and easily managed solutions with complimentary remote office infrastructures are complete and easy to deploy.  Backup & Recovery- Don’t let disaster disrupt business. High quality and reliable data protection solutions keep your client’s business running when they need it most. 

Plumbing Division Commercial,

Residential Service and New Construction.

We specialize in water heaters, tank less water heaters, drain cleaning, drain repairs, faucets rebuilds, toilet repairs, outside sewer and water lines.   We also specialize in re-pipes of older homes, water filtrations systems and low water pressure problems.  We also can help with electrical work.